That May be Helpful in Surviving the Post-Apocalyptic Midwest

Notable Plants That May Be Helpful In Surviving the Post-Apocalyptic Midwest

We all know that the apocalypse is fast approaching. Be it nuclear fallout, global warming, total depletion of energy resources, or a zombie epidemic, the end of the world is most likely going to happen within 3 to 16 years. While many human beings will perish in the oncoming catastrophe, many of us will have a chance at extended survival.

These survivors will need every resource available to them in order to find shelter and food, treat injuries, stay healthy, and fend off zombies or lawless gangs of cannibals. This blog aims to educate the reader on one of the primary resources immediately available to survivors who happen to be roaming the upper-midwest geographical region, especially in the areas surrounding the Twin Cities, Minnesota (where I live): plants.

Assuming that the apocalypse does not come in the form of nuclear winter (in which case the sun would be blocked out and all vegetation would die, rendering this whole exercise useless), local vegetation will become invaluable for survival. Many of the plants we see every day are edible, have medicinal qualities, can be harmful or have some other utility. Being aware of these plants and their properties will not only prepare the reader to take advantage of them, but doing so will also give any survivor an edge against his or her competitors.

Since we all know, once we have entered the end of times, Cormack McCarthy style, it is every man or woman for him- or herself.



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